Singapore International Detailers Event 2013

I have been visitting Singapore a lot, its cheaper to travel to singapore than to any other good destination in indonesia such as Bali.

I first contacted Alfred when i was looking for better alternatives of coating i used. We contacted via email couple of times. but when Alfred (owner of Artdeshine) invited me to singapore for international detailers event to do some nice cars, i surely couldn’t resist. i just said yes and booked the flight rightaway

The trip was awesome…there were few Singapore guys, few malaysian guys, my friend Matt flew from down under Australia and another friend Kostas flew all the way from Greece to spend time with us.

Anyway, it was pretty much a very nice meet and greet, got to exchange ideas, and we also got to play with some very nice cars as well! A pair of Lamborghini Superleggeras, an Aston Martin Rapide, a BMW 335i and an M3. Kostas went to Malaysia and visited a few detailing shops and Osren there, I wanted to go, but had to fly to Bali to do some cars that i had been booked earlier in the year. Got to feast on the local food as well, watching Kostas with the chopsticks hurt, most of us laughing that much!

so On to the pictures 🙂
Some of the pictures which don’t have “DM” watermark aren’t mine…some belong to Matty and others belong to Kostas…thanks guys 🙂

condition of the first car we did. E92 M3

Kostos did his magic with his magic wand 🙂

some 50/50 this done with Fine Compound with orange polish pad (correct me if i am wrong alfred) 🙂

2ND Car is 645ci, this was my first doing 6 series

condition is not too bad, with pretty swirls all over the car, we tested using ultra fine compound with polish pad

I ended up using Flex 3401 with criss-cross short wool pad with fine compound

the results of 645ci

Lunch on the first day! Green curry, Tom Yum soup, fried fish, veges, and we had mango sticky rice afterwards!

Dinner on the first night! I love this type of food! Most of this was cooked over charcoal, Singapore BBQ style!

2 ladies are in the queue 🙂

Benny doing his magic with organic car shampoo (multi purpose cleaner) with magic sponge…really guys, this thing is magic

clean plastic, and topped with artdesicko (this thing can be used for any surface) crazy…yes but it exists

cleaning dirt which cant be cleaned with normal washing, with magic sponge and organic shampoo

lets try for something more nasty 😀

it helps with door handle scratches as well…one word guys.. M A G I C

this is the super coating 😀

applying on lambo rims

nice beading

on carbon surface

clean lambo engine bay with usual combo n topped with artdesicko

Italian finest 🙂 after 9H ArtDeAaron coating, then topped with ArtDeSpiros, extreme protection with awesome gloss

Benny cleaning windows 🙂

nice gloss on white paint and carbon mirror

Happy detailing with happy guys 🙂

next would be british lady, aston martin Rapide 🙂

me claying the car with artdeshine clay cloth

Next another German Lady, 3 series

Matty with his serious face finishing the bootlid with finishing pad and Nano gloss compound

kostos and Matty doing it tag team

after 3steps compounding and polishing…niceee…for protection was Artdespiros and artdesicko

Last, is the best part..Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550-2..which already had 27layers of artdesicko , we just made her freshen up a bit 🙂

The boys! Kostas, David, and I posing for a pic with the Lambo coated with 27 odd layers of ArtDeShine ArtDeSicko hybrid coating!

Lunch with the boys before going home, The most delicious one.. yummy 🙂

Everyone together! From left to right – Ray, Benny, Mak, David, Sunny, Alfred, Matty, Kostas, Ivan.

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